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At Plexpert we cover with our expertise the complete plastic value chain:
  • Design and engineering of plastic parts and assemblies
  • Mould design and mould engineering
  • Mould making
  • Injection moulding process design and quality moulding
We do so with our expertise, services and softwares. Our consultancy services guarantee plastic parts which are cost effectively produced while meeting the best part and product performance.

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Part and mold designer will gain security and additional information to make the right decision regarding their daily work. Quality manager will get measurable risk analysis.
Injection molder can take the reliable start parameter to setup the mold with best process conditions.
Simulation and reality

Intelligent part- and mold designer use the benefit of FEM simulations.
The position of weldlines can be determined, material can be saved and the later behaviour of the part is analysed in parallel to it's development.

The cooling layout is one of the most important point for the mold designer. If the cooling is done correctly the cycle time as well as the part costs are reduced.

In reality it can be seen that the cooling analyse is often neglected.
This result in a loss of money for the company.

Simulations with MOLDEX3D to analyse the cooling efficiency had proven to be best in thousands of simulations over many years.

The accuracy of the results from MOLDEX3D can be shown with the IR-TermalSystem .
A special infrared camera of the IR-TermalSystem visualize the surface temperature of the part.
If the process parameters are set correctly the comparison between reality and simulation is perfect.

Plexpert Moments "Set up people use IR-ThermalSystem to optimize their production and validate simulation results""

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