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product development
The product development department is responsible for more than 60% of all live cycle costs of a plastic part.

Challenges for the product development:
  • short cycle time
  • complex part functionality
  • high part quality
  • low production costs
The consequent use of injection moulding simulation as well as structural analysis (FEM) support the development of new products and ensure best product performance.
Injection Moulding Simulation:

Parallel to the part design simulations can be done fast and with low costs.
Possible weaknesses or critical areas on a part can be found and eliminated.
Use our long-standing practical experience in simulation of plastic parts to your advantage.

Structural analysis:

The behaviour of a part or assembly under a given load can be visualized and optimized.
It will be determined how much security is needed to bear the resulting stress. Thus material reduction as well as reduction in cycle time can be achieved.


"We use simulation services in order to better ourselves!"