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We live in a time of fast changes. This makes it very important to be up to date and keep an eye on new development and trends.

We like to inform you:
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Short overview

First half of 2017

15-18.03.2017 Arburg technology days, Loßburg

29.03.2017 Seminar: Understanding simulation, Aalen

05-06.04.2017 MOLDEX3D user meeting, Würzburg

17.05.2017 Infrared-Seminar, Aalen

30.05.-02.06.2017 Moulding Expo, Stuttgart

21.06.2017 Interplast, Bangkok

29.06.2017 3D MID member meeting, Paderborn

First half of 2017

Arburg technology days, Loßburg (Germany)

State of the art development and process strategies will be shown during the Arburg technology days in Loßburg.
One major topic will be industry 4.0
With the IR-ThermalSystem PLEXPERT provides a high end tool that follows industry 4.0 rules.

Seminar: Understanding simulation, Aalen (Germany)

The seminar is created for part- and mold designer, project leader and quality manager.
New parts are developed using state of the art simulation software.
Understanding how what information from simulation software is important and how the data can be used in part- and mold development process will be discussed.
All topics will be visualized with real parts from production in order to solidify the gained knowledge.

MOLDEX3D Anwendertreffen, Würzburg (Germany)

New function and modules of the leading Moldex3D software will be show.
As partner PLEXPERT support and lead part- and mold designer to use the software and understand how to put the results into real live to create a high benefit.

Infrared Seminar, Aalen (Germany)

This seminar is dedicated to set-up man, process- and quality managers.
Participants will learn teh fundamental knowledge of infrared technology.
They see how infrared technology need to be used in order to cut down costs in production and to increase the quality of the parts.
The use of different infrared systems gives a feeling of what need to be taken care of and how to handle systems on the shop-floor.

30.05 - 02.06.2017
Moulding Expo, Stuttgart (Germany)

On the PLEXPERT booth the interaction between simulation and IR-ThermalControl as infrared quality system will be shown.
Real parts will be produced and visualized.
The advantage of cycle time reduction, quality control and secure serial production will become clear.

Interplast, Bangkok (Thailand)

The current development in the field of mold tooling and injection molding will be show by leading companies.
PLEXPERT (Thailand) Ltd. delivers IR-ThermoSystem to injection molder to optimize and control the injection molding process.

3D MID member meeting, Paderborn (Germany)

As active member of the research group 3-D MID e.V. we will exchange our experience and knowledge during the 28. MID-meeting at the Frauenhofer Institut, Paderborn, Germany.

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