The plastic expert

Second MID Seminar, Bangkok

Information about the technology, advantages and opportunities

Speaker at the MID Seminar Picture: Timo Kordass

Speakers (from let to right): Dirk Bäcker (LPKF), Assoc. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Suchart Siengchin(KMUTNB), Xin Ling (Hakko Products), John Swanson (MC Dermid), Dr. Ing. Patcharee Larpsuriyakul (MTEC Thailand), Thomas Mann (Plexpert), Prof. Dr. Teravuti Boonyasopon (KMUTNB), Timo Kordass (FAPS), Robert Süß-Wolf (FAPS), Prof. Dr. Ing. Fritz Hartung (Chula Engineering)

The second 3D-MID workshop took place at the King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok on the 16th of August 2014.
The workshop was planned and organized by the TGGS and PLEXPERT (Thailand) Ltd.
In 1959 the TGGS was founded as "Thai German Technical School" in cooperation between the Thai and the German government.
It reached its university level in 2007. Today the TGGS has a great international working network and is well known worldwide. Relations exist with German and French partners that form a perfect platform for international research projects.

The MID seminar was opened by the president of the university, Prof. Dr. Teravuti Boonyasopon.
In his welcoming speech he pointed out that the electronic and semiconductor industry is very important for the Thai economy.

Together with the research Association 3-D MID e.V. and the Institute for Manufacturing Automation and Production Systems (FAPS) of the University of Nuernberg- Erlangen, Germany (FAU) a lecture program was set up by PLEXPERT (Thailand) Ltd. that covers all disciplines of MID development.

PLEXPERT (Thailand) Ltd. was proud of receiving the worldwide known MID-experts as speakers for the seminar.

With this perfect setup more than 80 participants from industry and economy got valuable information about three dimensional interconnected devices and the industrial environment in Europe.
The participants were able to learn from the experience of the MID specialists.

The following papers have been presented during the seminar:
  • Introduction to 3D-MID serial production (FAPS - Robert Süß-Wolf)
  • Series process design and quality assurance (FAPS - Timo Kordass)
  • Direct laser structuring technology (LPKF - Dirk Bäcker, HAKO - Xin Ling)
  • Production line for three-dimensional circuit carriers (XENON - represented by Robert Süß-Wolf)
  • Metallization of 3D-MID (Mac-Dermid - John Swanson)
  • Development process of 3D-MID parts (PLEXPERT - Thomas Mann)
  • Current development projects (FAPS - Robert Süß-Wolf)
  • Chances for the Thai Industry (MTEC Thailand - Dr. Patcharee Larpsuriyakul)
The lectures were focused on the audience in order to inform about the fundamentals and possible applications of three dimensional interconnected devices.

In the field of antenna and sensor technology 3D-MID technology is well known and frequently used over the years. The speakers pointed out that beside these possibilities such applications offer great advantage in the area of lightning technology for example automotive implementation.

Mr. Dirk Bäcker from LPKF showed modern demonstrator applications for LED lighting concepts and provided profitable information regarding the state of the art of MID technology.
He also shared his experience from his industrial practice.

New systems like the "Protopaint LDS" and the "Protoplate LDS" of the LPKF company encountered a lot of interest.

The coordinated systems for functional paintwork as well as for metallization provide a simple and cost effective way to create prototype parts with laser direct structuring technology.
The importance of simulation for injection molded parts and the knowledge of filling characteristics in an early stage of the development process of three dimensional interconnected plastic parts were pointed out by Thomas Mann (CEO PLEXPERT GmbH, Germany).

The professorship FAPS represented by Robert Süß-Wolf and Timo Kordass covered the scientific part of the lectures.
They presented actual research projects and new testing methods for quality insurance of chemically metallized circuits.
Within this context the event delivered valuable information for newcomers in the field of 3D MID Technology. New impulses were given and many expertise questions were answered.

The organizer and host Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suchart Siengchin (KMUTNB) was pleased by the high number of participants and the good feedback given for the seminar.
Prof. Dr. Siengchin emphasized in his closing speech the importance of the cooperation between German and Thai companies.

TGGS_Building After the seminar a tour through the KMUTNB was given.
During a visit of the laboratories Prof. Dr. Siengchin showed
the capacities of his University that can be provided to
industrial partners in Germany to set up their equipment
and demonstrate their technology in the field of
electronic production.

Picture: Timo Kordass