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Working within a network of specialists


PLEXPERT is a member of multiple professional organisations in different countries.
Whenever there shall be a task PLEXPERT lacks specialized knowledge we can fall back on our association members with their specialized experience.

This guarantees that PLEXPERT can tackle a broad range of polymer and mould challenges.

Enhanced services:
  • in depth moulding process analysis
  • customized software development
  • electrical and electronic hardware development
  • extrusion consultancy
  • in house trainings, workshops and seminars
PLEXPERT will be the accountable project leader and coordinate with the members of the associations guaranteeing quality and satisfaction.
Research Association Molded Interconnected Devices 3-D MID e.V.

The Research Association was founded in 1992 in Erlangen. Target is to support the manifold tasks needed in the production of MID parts.
Knowledge is summarized and made available for all companies being part of the association.
Continuous research project provide a constant flow of new information and knowledge and make sure to develop the MID technology further.
More than 70 industrial companies as well as many institutes are members of the association.
The spectrum ranges from material suppliers, injection molder, mold maker up to electronic development and electronic production.
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PLEXPERT is an active member of the 3D-MID research association.