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TGI visiting Weber Formenbau

Insights of building multi component molds and producing high quality parts

TGI party Picture: Chandramohan Rengan

A very interested group of people from Thailand participated on a tour through the development and production facility of the company Weber Formenbau, Esslingen.
PLEXPERT Germany was happy to organize the visit and support the exchange of knowledge between Thailand and Germany.

With our company located in Germany and Thailand, we feel that a part of our mission is to bring people together from both countries.
An exchange of knowledge is an additional value for everyone working in the field of plastic technology.
This is what we support on a university level as well as on a company level.

Martin Bauer, director of sales for Wilhelm Weber GmbH & Co.KG welcomed the TGI party.
While the group get refreshments he introduced the different departments of the company.

Wilhelm Weber GmbH & Co.KG was established back in 1925.
From the very start the company brought added value to it's customers by combining experience and innovation in building injection molding tools.
The company is among the pioneers for important technological developments.

For more than 50 years two-color molds, for more than 35 years three-color molds and for more than 20 years multi-component molds are beeing produced.
Based on this knowledge and experience the company Wilhelm Weber GmbH & Co. KG has occupied a leading position on the market.

After the introduction the TGI party started a tour through the company.
Mr. Bauer showed the state-of-the-art production technology in tool making and injection molding production.
All questions where answerd by Mr. Bauer or the motivated employees working an the shopfloor.

After the tour the president of the TGI Mr. Jirasak Yaovatsakul thanked Mr Bauer and the company Weber for the insights that where provided.
The company Weber thanked the TGI party for their interest and is looking forward for further communication and information exchange with companies and institutes in Thailand.

Weber_Formenbau Many thanks to the people of the company
Weber Formenbau who spent their time and
exchanged their knowledge with the TGI party.

A fruitful visit and interesting impressions for all

Learn more about company Weber Formenbau!

Picture: Chandramohan Rengan