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Speed up injection moulding and increase quality


A long time is required to set up a new mold. The sooner set-up man and quality manager will understand how the mold and it's cooling system respond, the faster the set-up is done and serial production with high quality parts can start.

The IR-ThermalSystem advantages are:
  • understanding the reaction time of the mold
  • rate the changes of process parameter
  • visualize the important part quality criteria
  • identify temperature drift
Besides set-up the IR-ThermalSystem can be used to control the injection moulding process by checking upper and lower limits in given control areas.
How it is working:

The IR-ThermalSystem consists basically of an infrared camera and a easy to use software
Using a magnetic stand the set-up man position the camera near the mold.
Then he direct the camera and focus on the plastic part on the ejection side of the mold.

As soon as the mold is opened a infrared image is taken and analyzed.

Set-up mode:

During set-up of the mold the camera will be positioned near the mold in order to check the part quality while analyzing it's surface temperature.
The response of the part to changes of the process parameters can be seen easily.
With this knowledge cycle time can be reduced.

Besides this the cause of many surface related and dimension related problems (e.g. warpage) can be found.

Quality control mode:

Control areas can be set on critical points on the part. In these areas upper and lower limits will be checked from one shot to another.
If a value in the control area violate the set tolerance an alarm will be given and the machine can take actions such as sorting a bad part.
In parallel the whole production is documented and temperature drifts will be reported.

set-up man

"As set-up man I am using the IR-ThermalSystem
to see and understand more in order to
optimse the process."