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Cooling Layout

Vital for cycle time and part costs

Ideal cooling situation Temperature distribution in cross-section Complex cooling layout for a family mould

The part quality depends on an equal temperature distribution over the part surface.
A good cooling layout ensures short cycle times and leads to higher profit due to a reduction in part costs.

Important results are:
  • Position of cooling channels
  • Needed flow volume of coolant
  • Efficiency of each cooling channel
  • Temperature distribution on the part surface
Especially the 3D analysis shows how the temperature fields look like within the mould.
With this information decisions can be made whether using a special insert material or not.
Temperature distribution

The layout of the mould cooling system need to be done in a way that the target of an equal temperature distribution on the part surface can be reached.
This is especially important if the part shows high variations in wall thickness or if there are deep rips that are hard to cool.


It is necessary to think about inserts if there are areas from which the heat energy cannot be conducted in a good way.
How efficient the insert is working can be determined by a cooling simulation in true 3D.

Cooling channels

In order to ensure an equal heat flow and thus a short cycle time the position of each cooling channel need to be determined as good as possible.
The quality of the cooling system in total as well as for each channel can be calculated. This information help to optimize the diameter and position of the cooling channels.


"The cooling layout decide about win or loss! A proven cooling system is therefore of vital importance."