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Structural analysis

From a single load case to a complex assembly

Structural analysis

A long lifetime is claimed for plastic parts and assembly while a defined load is applied to them.

Structural analysis determine:
  • needed force
  • maximum deformation under load
  • resulting deformation
  • temperature-dependant stress
The part and the mould designer get a lot of information out of a structural analysis that shall be used to improve the design of part and mould and ensure the best quality.

Plastic parts need to perform better and better.
Besides optical properties mechanical properties need to be improved parallel to an increase of functionality of the part.
Single parts or assembly need to take high static or dynamic loads and cope with them.
Parts shall not fail under given loads.


One of the main results are the distribution of stress within a part under load.
The part designer identifies possible weaknesses on the design and eliminate them using results from a structural analysis.


The injection mould need to cope with high forced during the injection moulding process.
Stability of sliders, plates, etc. are of vital importance to the lifetime of the mould.
Structural analysis support the right dimensioning of cores, plates and sliders and thus ensures a longer lifetime of the mould.


"Simulations allows a view into future and help to make a better job."