The plastic expert


The biggest challenge on plastic parts


Plastic parts shall show the designed dimensions after production.
Due to different physical effects this is often not the case. Therefore, warpage simulation is important in order to see how parts will look like after injection molding.
Results are:
  • Shrinkage of the part
  • Deformation of the geometry
  • Main influence factors to warpage
  • Deformation in main axis
Only simulation can predict how the dimensions of a part will change after the injection molding process.
The early knowledge about the dimension changes in the design phase of plastic parts lead to optimization and an increased quality of this part.
Fiber orientation:

Working with fiber filled materials it is most likely that the fiber is responsible for a given warpage of a part.
This is due to the different shrinkage values longitudinal and transversal to the fiber itself.
The reposition of the gate location influence the orientation of the fiber and therefore the warpage of the part.


Warpage is influenced due to three main factors: Geometry of the part, gate location and the chosen process parameters.
The weight of each of the factors can be determined due to a warpage simulation. Measures to be taken in order to reduce warpage can be evaluated easily.


Today it is not possible to give a 100% statement about the absolute dimensions of a warped part.
However, due to simulation it is possible to find the best solution and to minimize warpage to the best amount.
Comparison between different part layouts ensures the best choice and the best quality of the plastic part.


"Do the warpage analysis parallel to the part design to ensure maximum quality of the plastic part!"