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PLEXPERT online meeting

To have a most efficient conversation with you we share our screen

PLEXPERT online meeting

No matter if we are talking about simulation results or the handling of software or hardware. It is always better to share a picture in parallel to the discussion.

While talking to you we share our screen in a PLEXPERT online meeting for your convenience.
This will add clear understanding and security to the conversation.

On the right side of this page you can read how to start the online meeting and get in contact with us.
For the online meeting you just need your standard browser (no extra installation needed).

Common conversation:

"A picture explain more than thousand words."
To exchange information with us we open a view to our live service-screen where we discuss with you simulation results, how to handle software, hardware, etc.

To start a online meeting, please follow these steps:

1. Call our service number
You can reach us from Monday till Friday
(8:00a.m.-12:00a.m. and 1:00p.m.-4:00p.m. MET).
(0,12 Eurocent/per minute from the German landline. Using mobile phones or calling from abroad will lead to additional costs)

Please call: ++49 (0) 73 61 / 975 3161

2. Get your session ID
Please enter the session ID given by us into the field "Session ID"
and enter your name into the field "Your name".
Then click the "Join Session" button to get connected.

Join a session
Session ID:
Your Name:
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Shortly a new browser window will be open and you will see our service-screen. So let's start the conversation.

According to our high security standards we have choosen Mikogo as provider for the online-meeting.
The software is developed in Germany and is running on German server. Therefore German law is appied.
All Mikogo meetings will be secured with 256-bit AES cryption.
If you have further question regarding the security of an online meeting, just let us know.